The need of Print Lasted EPF Statement

KWSP would send EPF statement to all member annually, why I still need to print it?KWSP Malaysia

Most of the time, when you are reading this article, it means you are about to apply some loan from bank. Or maybe, you are checking whether your boss is cheating on EPF.

The requirement/steps to print EPF Statement,

1. You must be the EPF member (Of course! why border if I am not?!).

2. Bring along your MyKad (Whether the smart chip is still working doesn’t matter).

3. Get access to KWSP Office, or KWSP Kiosk.

Print EPF Statement At KWSP Office

The easiest way to print EPF statement is visit the nearest KWSP office.

If the MyKad smart chip is still working, then you can do it at the machine (like a ATM machine). The entire process is about 5 minutes.

Otherwise, you have to queue at the information counter and the staff on duty will help you. It depend on queuing, but everything should be completed within 15-30 minutes.

The Charge

Printing of EPF statement at KWSP office is free. Maybe you need to pay for the parking.

The Challenge

But for most people, the nearest KWSP office is not near at all. If this is the case, you have 2 options.

1. Visit KWSP office and use the KWSP Kiosk after working hour or weekend. Please click here for the availability and operating hours of KWSP Kiosk for each KWSP office. (Don’t assume working hours of all offices is the small, unless you are too free to drive)

2. Visit non-KWSP outlets that having KWSP Kiosk. Please click here and scroll to bottom to find out the detail location.

Print EPF Statement At Other Places

KWSP Kiosk not only available at KWSP office, but also available at places belongs to company/institute/bank/organisation who purchased the KWSP kiosk from KWSP.

According to KWSP call-center (9-Jan-2013), entity who purchase the KWSP kiosk has full rights to set their own terms and conditions when providing service using the KWSP Kiosk.

For Instance, KWSP kiosk at RHB-Easy outlets in only for their customers, specifically customers who subscribe to their loan package.

Now we are trying OCBC, stay tuned for the updates….

At last (10-Jan-2013). we successfully print the EPF statement at OCBC Bank, Damansara Utama Branch. There is a KWSP Kiosk near the ATM area.

If you have try this at other outlets, do not hesitate to share with us. We will update this post and let more people to escape from this hassle. The following is the list of other outlets,

EPF Kiosks At Other Locations
» Wilayah Persekutuan
» Selangor
» Negeri Sembilan
» Melaka
» Johor
» Perak
» Pulau Pinang
» Kedah
» Perlis
» Pahang
» Terengganu
» Kelantan
» Sabah
» Sarawak

(update: 12-Jan-2015)

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7 thoughts on “How To Print KWSP (EPF) Statement

  1. I urgently need to have my EPF statements for the last 20 years, commencing January 1997 to current. How do I get these hard copies. Thank you

    • Please visit of the KWSP branches. Best timing is 1st thing in the morning.
      Kiosk can only print previous year and current year.


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